Vibration Isolation Pads, “P4TO”, 4 pcs


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Audwave P4TO vibration isolation pad can be used under various equipment: CD, DAC, amplifiers, preamplifier, turntables, speakers, wires or other audio equipment. Pads also can be used under other vibration dapping feet for better results.

Unwanted vibrations affect performance of all audio equipment. The reduction of these vibrations can significantly improve performance with better dynamics and better resolution. In most electronic designs, vibrations in the chassis are transmitted to the sensitive circuitry within. These vibrations are the cause of quite serious sonic aberrations that significantly limit the sonic potential of the component. Capacitors, in particular, are sensitive to mechanical vibration. A few manufacturers attempt to control extraneous movements by gluing these parts to the circuit boards. This method, however, will only be effective if the circuit board has been effectively decoupled from the chassis. This usually is not the case.

Audwave P4TO vibration isolation pads isolate equipment chassis from surface where the equipment is placed and also absorb vibration generated in equipment inside from power supply and other components.


Ring-porous wood is being used for manufacturing of vibration isolation pads. After pyrolysis process in anoxic conditions under specific temperature, the chemical structures and cell wall components of wood are changed and, among other things, lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose are affected, so that the structure can absorb vibration, i.e., transform vibration into heat.

4 small feet is made from special material, that is somewhere between plastic and rubber. Pure plastic will be too slippery to use. Pure rubber as with any bouncy material will add unwanted resonances.






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