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This is our last version of Z-series power cables. Same as other Z-series power cables it has a flat frequency response and large-scale dynamics. P8Z3 has the same amount of 8 ground filtering wires as top of the line power cables but now have has Level 3 Built in vibration absorption. This makes this cable even more musical with fluid and organic sound. Do not be fooled by the price tag of this cable – Z-series power cables can easily perform at the same level as cables costing 3-4 times more. We designed this cable to give people nearly the same audiophile performance and musicality as our top of the line cables. We tried to not cut any corners and make this cable as good as possible. The main difference from top of the line cables is the use of multi core copper instead of single core. This allowed to make cable thinner and flexible. We managed to cut price by developing less resource demanding winding process.


P8Z3 is most universal power cable and can be for full system wiring.


ConductorOxygen Free multi core copper (2.5mm2)
Ground filtering wires (GWF)8 wires (0.2mm2 x8)
Built in vibration absorptionLevel 3
Cryogenic and heat treatmentno
Surface polishingno
Vibration absorption crystalsno
Vibration isolation knitted shellno
Form memoryyes
ConnectorsGold plated

All cables are hand made and burned in with Audiodharma Cable Cooker 3.5.

Length 1.6m


Ground wire filtering (GWF)


Noise dissipation by ground conditioning.


Each cable contains tailor selected copper wires for ground connection and ground filtering. Our unique ground wire geometry implementation leads to noise dissipation. Ground filtering allows absorbing only some part of systems noise but since it is closer to your electronic devices than your grounding rod, it is more effective. Good overall system grounding is still as important. Ground filtering in cables can only help to some degree.

The purpose of ground filtering in your audio system

The importance of proper grounding in audio systems cannot be underestimated.

Most important aspect of ground filtering in audio system is that it leads to the increase of systems overall coherence resulting in more fluid and organic sound. As a consequence, system will gain increased musicality and emotional impact.


Built in vibration absorption technology (level 1)

Our expertise in vibration isolation and vibration absorption technology led us in creating a special cable construction that can absorb vibration much more effectively than techniques as used in ordinary hard and stiff cables. Our cables have a special material and layer construction that can perform vibration absorption. In this way cable is not generating any vibration on its own and is also absorbing vibration that comes from components that is connected to it. To achieve this, we use a combination of natural cotton and linen fibers in carefully fine-tuned ratio and density distribution. There is nothing strange in using natural fibers in cable construction since natural materials lead to more natural sound signature.


Built in vibration absorption technology (level 2)

Level 2 vibration isolation is our next step in vibration absorption technology. The cable has more advanced layers of vibration absorption materials distributed in denser configuration. As a result, more powerful vibration absorption capability is gained.


Built in vibration absorption technology (level 3)


With vibration isolation Level 3 we added even more vibration isolation layers and even denser configuration. As a result, even more powerful vibration absorption capability is gained.




The purpose of (power) vibration absorption in your audio system?

All system components generate vibration which is coming from power transformers and electronic circuits. Vibration does not allow for audio components to perform at maximum level. A consequence of this is loss of clarity in sound. The use of vibration absorbing power cables helps to cure blurred and opaque sound. The result is a clearer sound with blacker background and improved micro and macro dynamics.


Form memory

Stiff and hard power cables often create problems for their placement and routing in audio systems. During design process of our P8Z power cables and experimentation with various vibration absorption materials, we have created an effect where cable can hold its bent form. In this way, you can bend the cable freely in air in your desired arrangement to position it further away from signal cables.


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