Turntable Record Weight “TTW2”


  • designed and produced in Europe (Latvia)
  • body made from wenge wood
  •  weighs 510g / 1.1 lbs
  •  does no damage to vinyl or vinyl labels
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A 510g (1.1bs) turntable record weight for stabilizing LP records and completely eliminating vibrations, with a simple, yet beautiful wenge wooden body.

Inside the weight’s wooden body is a complicated 25-element construction, including a triangle formation of metallic gemstones that accumulate and dissipate vibrations. Each gemstone is unique in its weight and material to minimize different vibrational frequencies.

TTW2 weight’s feet are designed to adapt to different surfaces and shapes of vinyl’s label area.

The centering spindle hole’s construction additionally minimizes rumble vibrations from turntable’s bearing and motor.