Vibration Isolation Feet “VI-0102”


  • designed and produced in Europe (Latvia)
  • metal parts made from stainless steel
  • housing made from Fagus (type 01 beech)
  • filament made from Quartz (type 02 crystal)
  • diameter: 38mm / 1.5inch
  • height: 20mm / 0.79inch
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The combination of beech housing and quartz filament results in a more pronounced upper mid-range (similarly to VI-0202) and wider sound stage with more air.

Can be combined with AudWave’s vibration isolation platform “P4TO” and in a stack with other vibration isolation feet for better results.

Package includes 1 piece that can be used under any audio equipment such as turntables, audio speakers, etc.

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Metal parts

Stainless steel


Fagus (type 01 beech)


Quartz (type 02 crystal)


38mm / 1.5inch


20mm / 0.79inch